Training guides

Train plan, game plan. 

To train effectively for Oxfam Trailwalker you’ve got to have a plan. Here we've got training guides for both the 50km and 100km available to download. Pick the plan that best suits your team, your existing fitness and your target time.

Who's a beginner?

Participants who have never done anything like this before and are aiming to make full use of the 18 hours for the 50km course or 36 hours for the 100km course and complete it with a smile on their face.

Who's intermediate?

Participants who may have undertaken a half marathon or other adventure race and who frequently undertake some aerobic activity and are looking to complete the course within 12 hours for the 50km course or 24-28 hours for the 100km course.

Who's advanced?

Participants with a good fitness base who may have completed a marathon previously and are seeking to complete the 100km course in under 20 hours. Running parts of the trail and taking minimal rest is assumed.

The programme follows a progressive build up similar to that for the beginner and the intermediate but with an assumed stronger base. The different sessions should focus on building strength, stamina and speed.

There is no 50km advanced training guide as you probably know what you are doing if you are planning to run the 50km course.

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Key dates

  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2019: 23-24 March
  • Whakatāne Awards tbc
  • Auckland Awards tbc
  • Wellington Awards tbc 

*dates subject to change