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We are excited to share with you our new 100km trail for 2018! It will be sure to take your breath away.

100km and 50km trail


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100km course 

Welcome to Whakatāne video

Watch the video below to find out more about the locals and the country the trail passes through.

Leg details and maps

Cumulative distance: 16.3km
Difficulty: 4
Checkpoint 1 
closing time:
1:00pm Sat


Start – Checkpoint 1  –  16.3km
Whakatāne Heads to Ōhope Surf Lifesaving Club

Both the 50km and 100km events begin at Whakatāne Heads. After a short walk through town and a short steep climb to Kohi Point, you’ll begin walking on stunning single track around the headland. Wave down to the start line! Heading up from the beach at Otarawairere Bay, you’ll have a couple of hills before descending into Ōhope via the stunning Nga Tapuwae o Toi track.

Leg one profile and photos 


Cumulative distance: 35.2km
Difficulty: 2
Checkpoint 2
closing time:
7:00pm Sat


Checkpoint 1 – Checkpoint 2 – 18.9km
Ōhope Surf Life Saving Club to Ōhope Hall

You'll head out from Checkpoint 1 onto the beautiful Ōhope beach. Continue all the way to the end of the spit, keeping an eye out for the iconic Ōhope wood carvings. At the end of the beach, you'll traverse around the spit through trails and grass verges. From there, it will predominantly be footpath and grass verge to the Ōhope Community Hall. This leg is quite long but entirely flat with a significant amount of it on sand or footpath.

Leg two profile and photos


Cumulative distance: 50.0km
Difficulty: 3
closing time:

50km: 1:00am Sun

100km: 12:00am Sun


Checkpoint 2 – 50km Finish and 100km Checkpoint 3 – 14.8km
Ōhope Hall to Rex Morpeth Park, Whakatāne

Head out on an old gravel post road, and finish up by walking the iconic Nga Tapuwae O Toi track - a single track through native bush and a protected kiwi area. You'll have a steep downhill section into Rex Morpeth Park. Congratulations 50kmers - welcome to the finish! And 100kmers, welcome to Checkpoint 3.

Leg three profile and photos

Cumulative distance: 54.7km
Difficulty: 2
Aid station
closing time:
2:30am Sun


Checkpoint 3 – Aid Station 1 – 4.7km
Rex Morpeth Park to Rewatu Marae

From Rex Morpeth Park you will walk through the back streets of town to arrive at the Whakatāne River - we'll help you across, don't worry! You'll soon be on the other side and making your way through gentle farmland. You will be following the stopbank until you reach Rewatu Road, finishing with a short walk to the Rewatu Marae. Remember: no support crew at this station.

Leg four profile and photos


Cumulative distance: 64.5km
Difficulty: 5
Checkpoint 3
closing time:
7:00am Sun


Aid Station 1 – Checkpoint 4 – 9.8km
Rewatu Marae to Etting Farm

Begin by walking along Rewatu Road before ascending up a steep gravel driveway. Take your time as there are some very steep up and downhill sections of this leg. You will be walking through farmland, along fence lines and windy tracks all the way to SH2. You'll cross the road and some railway tracks before embarking on the final stretch of this leg. You will be on gravel tracks with a gradually descending hill which will bring you to Checkpoint 4.

Leg five profile and photos

Cumulative distance: 73.9km
Difficulty: 4
Checkpoint 5
closing time:
10:30am Sun


Checkpoint 4 – Aid Station 2 – 9.4km
Etting Farm to Kiwinui Forest

Head out of Checkpoint 4 to start your adventure through the Kiwinui and Omataroa Forestry Sections, which are kiwi-protected zones. You will be following gravel roads which will take you in loops and roundabouts throughout these sections. If you are walking through here in daylight hours be sure to have your camera ready as there are some stunning scenic views! You will reach an aid station for a quick rest and refuel. Remember: no support crew at the aid station.

Leg six profile and photos

Cumulative distance: 84.5km
Difficulty: 4
Checkpoint 5
closing time:
2:30pm Sun


Aid Station 2 – Checkpoint 5 – 10.6km
Kiwinui Forest to Awakeri Hall

Once you have refuelled at the aid station you will continue on the gravel roads with more ascending and descending hills to eventually come out onto Murphy Road. From here you will walk through a quarry section and cross a railway at Caulfields Crossing before arriving at Checkpoint 5. One more leg to go!

Leg seven profile and photos

Cumulative distance: 100km
Difficulty: 2

Finish line closing time:

6:00pm Sun

Checkpoint 5 – 100km finish line – 15.5km
Awakeri Hall to Rex Morpeth Park

The finish line is a flat 15.5km away along one of our easiest sections of the trail. From the Awakeri Hall, head down a driveway to get to the Te Rahu Canal. Follow the grassy stopbank all the way to the end of the canal where you'll reach the Whakatāne River, and cross the bridge into town. Stroll through a few back streets and find yourselves at Rex Morpeth Park where you will join the 50km teams walking down the finish chute! Congratulations!

Leg eight profile and photos



Trail difficulty

Difficulty Description Emotion/Feeling

"Walk in the park"
Flat, relatively smooth


"Stroll on the beach" (literally)
Gently undulating, not always even ground


"Plod up the hills"
Mixture of hills and flats, varied surfaces


"Slog over mountains"
Varied surfaces, some steeper ups and downs


"Grit it up Everest"
Steep climbs, uneven ground


Terrain photos

Get a glimpse of the terrain you'll be covering during Oxfam Trailwalker in Whakatāne. What's noticeable about the trail terrain is its variety. You name it we've got it (well, almost). You'll be going over single track bush trails, gravel roads, sandy beaches, farm paddocks, dirt roads, footpaths, long grass, short grass, road verges, parks, and a few stiles for good measure.

Thank you!

Oxfam Trailwalker is grateful to the many local landowners, communities and authorities whose generosity has made the event possible. In order to ensure the continued support of all our valued stakeholders, we have also committed to the sustainable development and management of the trail.

Please help our environmental footprint and do not print the maps – each team will be given map booklets at the event.

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Key dates

  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2019: 23-24 March
  • Whakatāne Awards tbc
  • Auckland Awards tbc
  • Wellington Awards tbc 

*dates subject to change