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Event weekend info for 2016

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Essential event guides

The essential Oxfam Trailwalker event guides for participants and support crew have been sent  out via email.

These documents contain critical event info that teams and support crews need to be familiar with. It is essential that you give this document a good read over.


All four team members plus two support crew must register together in Whakatane the day before the event, Friday April 1, 2016.  Registration is when you collect your event bibs, receive your support crew vehicle passes and pick up your walkers directions.  Registration will be held in the War Memorial Hall in the same building as the breifing.  

Registration will be held in the Whakatāne Memorial Hall, Whakatāne.

Registration is open from 3pm - 9pm to collect your event bibs and race packs.  

Health & Safety Briefing times 4pm, 6pm, 8pm. 

It is compulsory for all four team members and two support crew to attend a briefing at one of the above times.  If your team is planning on attending the final briefing at 8pm you must arrange to pick up your race bibs BEFORE attending the H&S briefing. 


Start times

Oxfam Trailwalker 2016 start times have been allocated.

Start times are not changeable. Bib numbers are assigned by start time so we will know if any sneaky changes have taken place. Bibs will be given out at event registration on Friday April 1, 2016.

Checkpoint closing times

Each checkpoint has a designated closing time. This is not the latest arrival time … it is the closing time. Both your team and support crew must depart the checkpoint before it closes. This is to help you plan your pace to ensure you can complete the course within 36 hours (or 18 hours for the 50km event).

Daylight saving time ends Sunday April 3 when clocks are moved back 1 hour (at 3am). However all event times at Oxfam Trailwalker IGNORE the end of daylight saving time until the finish of the event. These checkpoint closing times are not adjusted for the end of daylight saving time.

Location of CP
CP opening time
CP closing time
Distance to CP
Start Mātaatua Reserve 5:00am 8:00am 0.0 km
Ōhope Hall
12.1 km
Ōhope Hall
28.3 km
Rex Morpeth Park
43.2 km
50 K Finish Mātaatua Reserve 11:00am 1:00am Sun. 50.0 km
Ngati Awa Airstrip
3:45am Sun.
57.8 km
Te Kura Whare
8:30am Sun.
71.0 km
Rewatu Marae
2:45pm Sun.
88.0 km
100 K Finish Mātaatua Reserve 11:00am 7:00pm Sun. 100.0 km


Support Crew please do not arrive at checkpoints prior to indicated opening times.

Checkpoint facilities

Each checkpoint will have a range of facilities, such as water, boiling water, first aid, podiatry, physio and basic food. The facilities at each one will differ from checkpoint to checkpoint. Here you will be able to find out which checkpoint has what, to help your team and support crew be super organised at the event.

Support crew access
Toilets Water First aid Podiatry Physio
Start Mātaatua Reserve Yes Yes Hot & cold No No No No
Ōhope Hall
Yes Yes Hot & cold Yes Yes Yes No
Ōhope Hall
Yes Yes Hot & cold Yes Yes Yes No
Rex Morpeth Park
Yes Yes Hot & cold Yes Yes Yes Yes
50 K Finish Mātaatua Reserve Yes Yes Hot & cold Yes No No Yes
Ngati Awa Airstrip
Yes Yes Hot & cold Yes No No No
Te Kura Whare
Yes Yes Hot & cold Yes Yes Yes No
Rewatu Marae
Yes Yes Hot & cold Yes Yes (until 10am) Yes (until 10am) No
100 K Finish Mātaatua Reserve Yes Yes Hot & cold Yes No No Yes

The above information is subject to change prior to the event.

Event sustainability

At Oxfam, it's not just our logo that's green. We walk the talk of being an environmentally sustainable organisation. Oxfam Trailwalker is at the forefront of sustainable event management in New Zealand!

Reducing our carbon footprint depends on you!
This year, we want our participants and supporters to be as engaged with environmental sustainability as we are. In 2015, the per team carbon emissions was 740kgCO2e and team transport accounts for a massive 98% of that. In 2016, we need your help to keep that number down. Here are two big ways you can make that happen:

The absolute best way to reduce per team carbon emissions is with less cars! So plan your event carefully to get your team, support crew and gear to and from the event and leave a car behind. With a bit of carpooling you can make a big difference to your carbon footprint.

In 2014 we went cup-free and it worked! Thanks to you, we reduced waste by 40%. So we’re going to continue being cup-free. Bring your own mug and hydration pack for the cold and hot drinks at checkpoints. Mkae sure you have a mug for each team member!

Check out our sustainability tips for more ways to help reduce our footprint

Event photos

Hey That's Me were the official participant photographers for Oxfam Trailwalker 2015 and will be back along the track taking photos of all teams in 2016. Watch out for Hey That's Me on the the course and you're sure to have memorable moments captured!

Following the event you will be able to order your photos from with a portion of sales being donated to Oxfam.

Here's a few tips from the Hey That's Me crew on how to look your best for your photos on the trail:

  • Keep an eye out for the photographers! We will have some signs out before you reach us so you can slow down to get ready or speed up if you want to look faster!
  • Spread out! If you walk/run single file, your teammates in front will hide you! Fan out and walk abreast so the photographer can see you all!
  • Look tidy! Try keep your hair under control. Hair in the face won’t get you flattering shots. Maybe tie it down with a hair tie or use a headband (or Oxfam Trailwalker Buff).
  • Wear bright coloured clothing! Having vibrant colours really lifts the photos!
  • Rethink your headgear! Wearing a cap/visors are paramount for sun protection, but they also create a shadow over your face on a sunny day. Perhaps you can take it off as you see the photographer up ahead!
  • Running/Walking pace! Running/walking faster increases your chance of the photographer snapping a midair shot or when you are landing with your front foot. These shots make you look more awesome!
  • Enthusiasm! You’re supposed to be having fun right? Wave, jump, hands in the air, thumbs up! Show everyone Oxfam Trailwalker is a piece of cake for you! 
  • SMILE! A smile goes a long way and will definitely make your photos shine!