Welly Queen

Raised: $3,668.07 (73% of our target)
Target: $5,000.00
Distance: 100 km
Target time: 
100 km Fast = 18-24 hours

Team bio

Team members

Last name Member status Team
Xi Chen Team leader
June Cui Member
Lucy Liu Member
Jennifer Ma Member


First name Last name Member title
Johnny Tan
Juan Qu
Leo Chen
Tony Liu

Hello everyone! We are the Welly Queen team from windy Wellington~~

We are a bunch of active girls who love adventures and enjoy helping others. We are lucky to live in a country that has good social support and clean environment. However, there are still a lot of people living in countries that don't have clean water and basic medical care.

We are not sure what we have signed up for but we are sure we can help some people.

Let's fight against poverty together! 

Latest team update

Over the weekend, our team along with several friends went for a trail run in Colonial Knob. It has been a couple of months since we went for a trail run last. It was great to catchup with friends and other team members. Everyone enjoyed the 18km run! We really look forward to our next weekend...

Minimum fundraising deadline: 16 April 2018
Final fundraising deadline: 16 April 2018

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Team fundraising

Latest donations

Date Donor name Donation
11 Apr 2018 Bivouac Outdoor $6.37
20 Mar 2018 Arun Patel $20.00
14 Mar 2018 Xiaoling Zhang $20.00
13 Mar 2018 刘枢钧 $21.00
12 Mar 2018 Fay Zhong $50.00

Highest donations

Donor name Donation
Lanvigator (MC Tyre) $250.00
Chris Wu $238.00
Anonymous $195.50
Kanson Liang $180.00
CrossFit Fundraiser Session $170.00
Donor name Donation Message
Bivouac Outdoor $6.37 Thanks to Bivouac Outdoor for donating a percentage of Oxfam Trailwalker participant purchases back to their team. Well done team!
Arun Patel $20.00 Congratulations Lucy and the team! Massive effort, well done.
Xiaoling Zhang $20.00 Well done ladies!
刘枢钧 $21.00 曦曦姐姐加油!
Fay Zhong $50.00 Well done, Welly Queen
DAYU GUAN $30.00 I am proud of what you guys are doing. Go team!
Karun $58.00 Go Lucy and Welly-queen
Tony $142.00 Good luck team!
HongSheng Massage Donation Box $26.60 All the best, Welly Queen!
Bivouac Outdoor $20.80 Thanks to Bivouac Outdoor for donating a percentage of Oxfam Trailwalker participant purchases back to their team. Well done team!
Neil $20.00 Go Sophie!
tiger $70.00 加油
Chris Wu $238.00 Go team!
CrossFit Fundraiser Session $170.00 CFHV fundraiser session on 13-Jan
John Yang $70.00
Bivouac Outdoor $20.80 Thanks to Bivouac Outdoor for donating a percentage of Oxfam Trailwalker participant purchases back to their team. Well done team!
Anonymous $195.50 Movie night - 11 Nov17 (23*$8.50)
Brownie $10.00
Michael Yin “头哥” $15.00
丽丽姐小秋田园白爸P总豆 $75.00 GO,211,GO,Jennifer!
Carolyn $20.00 Go Lucy! :-)
John Richards $70.00 Go Team! We are all so proud of you.
Helen Stobba $30.00 Go team Welly Queen! Such a massive challenge, and for such a great cause. All the best for the months of training!
Lucas Zhong $12.00 All the best, June!
Hail, Zack Zhang $6.00 Go go go!
Lisa, Kanson $36.00 Admire your courage, great efforts!
Weixu Song, Ting $34.00 Go hard my friends! Good luck!
一妈 $100.00 Jennifer Ma,宝贝加油,爱你!!
瑶敏 $20.00 支持下跑步事业!我会坚持跑下去的!希望你们活动成功!
Angela Zhang $20.00 一点心意支持一下,加油!
止水默爸猫猫鼠大大蔡蔡思远 $73.00 加油JJ加油Welly Queen
老徐 $20.00 花花加油
Bing and Phoebe $100.00 All the best!!
阿罗,Nancy Hu $30.00 All the best!
Hector $20.00 Such a good cause! Look after yourselves!
发现妹 $20.00 加油!
Kelly Bai $14.00
Vicken $50.00 Smash the 100km!
Leo $20.00 Role models!
Chris Lei $14.00 Go go go, crossfit lady!
Joshua Zhou, Elly $80.00 Admire your courage, go for it!
Sandy Xu, Miss J $40.00 Fighting!
芦苇,小困 $20.00 You girls are so inspiring!
Kanson Liang $22.00 Best team, Welly Queen
热心市民 $100.00 女神们加油!
Anonymous $20.00 加油
Peter Su $20.00 GOOOOOOOOO!!!
Tim R $30.00 Good luck guys, great cause. Go hard!
Thijs $20.00 Good luck, Team!
Kelly Peng $60.00 I am so proud of you girls!
Huilin Chen $10.00 Good luck my friends
Xingchen Zhou $38.00 Great Team, great efforts!
海曼,老郭,David Wei,双杰,匿名 $15.00 Go Go Go
Grace Wang $20.00 女神们,加油!
大漠,Raziya Du, 猫猫虫 $60.00 Inspiring team, love you all!
风灵,小困,77,欧文,Sien,世杰,Joni $70.00 Run, Welly Queen, Run!
Michelle Lou $20.00 奔跑吧 Welly Queen!
Jingtao Miao $30.00 Good on you girls!
Xu, Liu, Amber Ding $70.00 Go for it, Welly Queen!
Anna Zhang, Tuff Li $80.00 Proud of you!
Anonymous $130.00 All the best!
Sophie's Mum $15.00 You are the best, my dear!
Xin Li, Sophie Guo, C.C, C Liu $50.00 Great efforts! Good luck girls!
Catherine $50.00 Awesome team, go for it!
Zhihao $100.00 Go Welly Queen Go!
Winter $40.00
Ben (Joyment SZ) $40.00 Fighting!
Lanvigator (MC Tyre) $250.00 Go Go Go! Never stop!
Kanson Liang $180.00 Go Welly Queen!

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