Lets Do The Trail (Time) Walk Again

Raised: $4,513.45 (100% of our target)
Target: $4,500.00
Distance: 100 km
Target time: 
100 km Fast = 18-24 hours

Team bio

Team members

Last name Member status Team
Yvonne Faulkner Team leader
Jill Blunsdon Member
Gavin Rodley Member
Daniel O'Carroll Member


First name Last name Member title
Michelle Barbour

.Welcome back  for the 6th year, Jill and Yvonne

Jill and Yvonne have done 4 Oxfams trailwalker's together and are  team up again for the 5th. We have had an amazing Journey and will be life long friends.

Welcome back Gavin. who is going to finish it this year after having to pull out at the 86 km mark last year. Gavin has unfinished business, he want to knock it off his bucket list.

Daniel is the newbie and the virgin of the team, not sure he knows what he has let himself in for. We found Daniel thought the lonely boots web page.

We are a very happy, loud team, who will chat to anybody and take lots of selfies. 

we have a reputation to keep, we have won best dress  3 time in a row. We plan to win it again this year.

We also have the best support crew, in the whole wide world, they have been there for us through the good, bad, tear and tantrums.



Jill & Yvonne
The team. missing Daniel & Tash
Gavin with his new furry friends.

Minimum fundraising deadline: 16 April 2018
Final fundraising deadline: 16 April 2018

Team fundraising

Latest donations

Date Donor name Donation
16 Apr 2018 Gavin Rodley $20.00
16 Mar 2018 Dennis Smith $100.00
13 Mar 2018 Yellow Hat Boys (1007) $5.00
7 Mar 2018 Anonymous $20.00
7 Mar 2018 Dave Penman $7.00

Highest donations

Donor name Donation
Lets Do The Trail (Time) Walk Again $1,206.00
Oxfam Unwrapped + Daniel O’Carroll $752.00
Team Lets Do The Trail (Time) Walk Again $386.00
Sileni Estates Wines $360.00
Anonymous $200.00
Donor name Donation Message
Gavin Rodley $20.00 A contribution to get over the $4500 mark!
Dennis Smith $100.00 Well done Gavin - second time lucky!
Yellow Hat Boys (1007) $5.00 Just wanna say how much we enjoyed walking the 100km and catching you guys along the way made for some good yarns. Groups like yours made this an awesome adventure for our team. Was a struggle but we made it with some encouragement from awsome people and teams like you guys. God bless <3
Anonymous $20.00 Have a fab walk.
Dave Penman $7.00 Go well team.
Anonymous $200.00 Good Luck Guys! Hope it al goes well :)
Mark and Viv Rounce $100.00 Good luck guys!
A Yarny Oxfam Supporter $30.00 Keep up the good walk!
Lets Do The Trail (Time) Walk Again $200.00 Thanks to Sileni wines for letting us go back and order a second lot of wine. The first lot went down so well, that they came back asking for more. Great work Sileni. Thank you
Jill Blunsdon $80.00
Yvonne Faulkner $5.00
Team $100.00 Money from raffle Won by Pat (Gran) Davis
Yvonne Faulkner $20.00
Oxfam $200.00 You're an Oxfam Trailwalker legend. Thanks for your support over the years, all the best for the future!
Geoff Hulbert $50.00
R-Line $20.00 For purchasing from R-Line online, I got $5 of each purchase back towards my team fundraising. Thanks R-Line!
Gillespie’s $20.00 Go Jill and your team! You are amazing!!
Oxfam Unwrapped + Daniel O’Carroll $752.00 Oxfam Unwrapped credit
Thank you for doing your Christmas shopping with Oxfam Unwrapped. All the best for the event.
Bivouac Outdoor $16.75 Thanks to Bivouac Outdoor for donating a percentage of Oxfam Trailwalker participant purchases back to their team. Well done team!
Michelle and Parry $50.00 All the best.
Ricky and Nicole $100.00 Good luck team
Oxfam NZ $50.00 Thanks for signing up in July, here is your $50 kickstarter
Living Earth Staff $65.00 Team Indian takeaway lunch - make a donation
Team Lets Do The Trail (Time) Walk Again $386.00 Thanks to Jill and Michelle for all your hard work making the slices and cooking the Toastie's Thanks to Run/Walk Hawkes Bay for supporting us.
Sileni Estates Wines $360.00 Thanks to the team for selling our wines. have a great walk and don't forget to keep a bottle of wine for after match party.
Jocilyn McIntosh $100.00 Thanks for your kindness Jill. Best wishes for your walk.
Living Earth - Summenr Lunch Donation $79.20 Team, at work helping Daniel fundraise :)
Gavin Rodley + Oxfam Unwrapped $140.00 Oxfam Unwrapped credit. Way to go team!!
Donation Box $15.00 Thanks to the customers from Skeinz Yarn shop. who put the donations in the Oxfam donation box
Lets Do The Trail (Time) Walk Again $1,206.00 Money raised by doing a soup kitchen at Hawkes Bay Run/walk on our club night. thanks to all the club members for buy our Soup,Slice and bun.
Gavin and Karen Rodley $50.00 Just to get the ball rolling!

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  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2019: 23-24 March
  • Whakatāne Awards tbc
  • Auckland Awards tbc
  • Wellington Awards tbc 

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