Raised: $6,398.04 (98% of our target)
Target: $6,500.00
Distance: 100 km
Target time: 
100 km Steady = 24-30 hours

Team bio

Team members

Last name Member status Team
Morag Ward Team leader
Debbie Baird Member
Fiona Jenks Member
Sarah Phoenix Member


First name Last name Member title
Alex Jenks
Dean Phoenix
Greg Ward
Jean & John Bagshawe

Oxfam Trailwalker in Whakatāne on 10-11 March 2018.

Ladybugs are four friends (Debbie, Morag, Sarah & Fiona) [of which Rag and Fi are sisters] keen to do something fun and support a fantastic charity Oxfam along the way!!!! 

Sometimes crazy but always keen to give something new a try, we are excited about the challenge of the 100km Oxfam Trailwalk and are looking forward to the adventure together. 

We’ve started training walks on the North Shore and are looking forward to upping our hours as we prepare for this epic journey together!


AJHackett Bungy

Minimum fundraising deadline: 16 April 2018
Final fundraising deadline: 16 April 2018

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Team fundraising

Latest donations

Date Donor name Donation
23 Feb 2018 Kath Triggs $20.00
23 Feb 2018 Clayton Gardner $20.00
22 Feb 2018 Chanel $30.00
22 Feb 2018 Julie Cooke $80.00
22 Feb 2018 Mary-Ann Du Toit $20.00

Highest donations

Donor name Donation
Cassidy Construction $1,000.00
Scotty Doors Ltd $500.00
Phoenix Flooring $500.00
Oasis Interior Construction Ltd $500.00
March Cato Developments Ltd $500.00
Donor name Donation Message
Kath Triggs $20.00
Clayton Gardner $20.00 Good luck guys. Hopefully see you down there. From team Partners Life
Chanel $30.00 Goodluck Fi (and team) and Carlee!! thank you for a fun time at the fundraiser on Saturday it was lovely!!
Julie Cooke $80.00 Good luck Ladybugs, it's been awesome following all your training and doing a few walks with you. You are the best team ever and I will be thinking of you all x Julie xxxxxx
Mary-Ann Du Toit $20.00
Renata Rossi $20.00
Kath Triggs $20.00
Gaylene Ward $25.00
Dylan Stansfield $40.00
Out Wear + Morag Ward $20.87 For purchasing from Out Wear online, I got 20% of my sale back towards my team fundraising. Thanks Out Wear!
Marcel & Claudia from Wilderness Motorhomes $400.00 Hey Ladybugs- you are a real inspiration and we have chosen you to be the beneficiaries of our bet we lost of not having met target this Financial Year. We are thrilled though that we can help you reach the very same goal! It's almost like we still won the bet! Thanks for being so awesome and taking up the challenge!
Rachel Durbin $20.00
Lou & Nick $20.00 Good Luck Ladybugs!!!
Fitness Fundraiser $205.00 Awesome Fitness Fundraiser thanks Amy (Zumba by the Sea), Sammy (808 House of Training) and Debbie (Inside-Out-Pilates) and everyone who came along!
Anonymous $30.00
Lisa R $20.00 Go girls!
Sonia & James $50.00 Awesome job ladybugs - you rock! Lots of luck for the day xxx
Out Wear + Morag Ward $17.39 For purchasing from Out Wear online, I got 20% of my sale back towards my team fundraising. Thanks Out Wear!
Jo Beattie $20.00 Go girls, amazing work!
Bivouac Outdoor $27.84 Thanks to Bivouac Outdoor for donating a percentage of Oxfam Trailwalker participant purchases back to their team. Well done team!
Mum and Dad B. You Go Girls $100.00 Enjoy Mum and Dad B
Jack & Meg Norton $50.00 Good luck Morag & Team Ladybugs!!!
Martina $20.00 Good on you. It is a tough challenge.
Tons $20.00 Go Team Ladybugs!
Janet $32.00 Go girls you can do it x
Ruth, Steve & Tom $40.00 Wow 100k!!! You girls are incredible to take on such a massive walk, not forgetting all the 4.00am starts!!! Good luck
Judi $25.00 Go Ladybugs!
Shoe Clinic Albany $36.96 Thank you for your purchase with Shoe Clinic Albany. All the best for Oxfam Trailwalker 2018!
Anonymous $200.00
Nathalie billett $50.00 Keep up the great work
Scotty Doors Ltd $500.00 Way to go Deb, Sarah & fellow Ladybugs! Have fun out there :-) Cheers, G&A
Peter and family $100.00 Ok girls, ready set go !
Heather Jenks $200.00 Go Ladybug’s
Kelly $20.00 Go girls!
A-L, Jono, Juliet & Genevieve x $100.00 Good luck Ladybugs!! Awesome challenge ladies - great effort! X
Phoenix Flooring $500.00
Jennifer Dawe $25.00 Good luck Morag and team!!!
Flick $40.00 Good luck !
Shoe Clinic Albany $22.98 Thank you for your purchase with Shoe Clinic Albany. All the best for Oxfam Trailwalker 2018!
Alex, Che & Luca $100.00 Go Ladybugs!!!
Todd $200.00 Awesome effort ladies! Good luck on the 100k.
Oasis Interior Construction Ltd $500.00 All the best from Oasis Interior Construction Ltd
Ryan Ward $30.00 Hi Ladybugs. I am going to donate $30 from my pocket money. Good luck - I hope you have fun and don't get blisters. Mum thank you for telling me about the walk and the Oxfam charity. Mum I love you so much and I hope you enjoy yourself. From Ryan
Ollie Ward $20.00 Hi Ladybugs. I hope you do well in your Oxfam walk! I'm donating $20 of my pocket money to your team for their fundraising. Mum you're the best. From Ollie
Debbie Lowe $30.00 Good luck girls x
Donna $30.00 Good luck guys - I know you'll smash it!!
Cassidy Construction $1,000.00
Don Niven $100.00 Good Luck for the 100 km walk Morag, Fiona, Debbie & Sarah.
March Cato Developments Ltd $500.00
Moira Niven $100.00 Supporting these intrepid young women, Morag, Fiona, Debbie & Sarah, who are walking 100 kms with love to raise funds for Oxfam to keep up their humanitarian work around the world.
March Cato Ltd $500.00

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Key dates

  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2018: March 10 - 11
  • Final fundraising deadline: 16 Apr
  • Whakatāne Awards 4 May
  • Auckland Awards 11 May
  • Wellington Awards 18 May

* dates subject to change