Foxfam Four

Raised: $7,679.71 (96% of our target)
Target: $8,000.00
Distance: 100 km
Target time: 
100 km Steady = 24-30 hours
Organisation representing: 

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Team members

Last name Member status Team
Louise Tanguay Team leader
Bree Fraser Member
Pip Skinner Member
Emily Griffin Member

We're back!  it's time for more walking, more fundraising and more blisters. Cause it just wouldn't be Trailwalker without blisters. Oh and more chatting and more chocolate.

The Foxfam Four are Louise, Emily, Bree and Pip. So far between us we've done 3 x100km Oxfam's and 5 x 50km Oxfam's so we have some idea of the insanity involved, as it's not stopping us coming back for more.

We might even finally learn to take a decent selfie, here's hoping!  Perhaps we can convert a walking pole into an selfie stick?

We're joined by lots of lovely support crew, who we've Trailwalked with before & Jacque who we've finally roped into joining us on this crazy journey of walking and talking.


Latest team update

WOW thanks for selling out our last raffle in less than 12 hours- you guys rock!

So I am thrilled to launch a new raffle, again a beautiful Tula Wrap Conversion Free to Grow. This one is Aroha Walters Miramar.

Tickets are $5 each. 

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Minimum fundraising deadline: 16 April 2018
Final fundraising deadline: 16 April 2018

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Team fundraising

Latest donations

Date Donor name Donation
21 Feb 2018 Oxfam $100.00
20 Feb 2018 Megan Hannigan $15.00
20 Feb 2018 Emma Messinbird $5.00
20 Feb 2018 Louise Tanguay $10.00
20 Feb 2018 Kylie Tuckwell $10.00

Highest donations

Donor name Donation
Anonymous $1,000.00
Pip's work $658.00
The Sleep Store $560.00
Anonymous $540.00
Rachel Bloem $280.00
Donor name Donation Message
Oxfam $100.00 You're an Oxfam Trailwalker legend. Thanks for your support over the years, all the best for the future!
Megan Hannigan $15.00 “Raffle- Aroha Miramar”
Emma Messinbird $5.00
Louise Tanguay $10.00
Kylie Tuckwell $10.00
Jackie Egan $15.00
Hayley Cook $70.00
Sarah McHughes $10.00
Karlie Wii $5.00
Hayley Murphy $20.00
Mariska Heijmer $20.00
Bryony Curran $20.00
Rebecca Meldrum-Walker $20.00
Steve & Johanna Cotter $50.00
Amy Silver $10.00
Bivouac Outdoor $38.82 Thanks to Bivouac Outdoor for donating a percentage of Oxfam Trailwalker participant purchases back to their team. Well done team!
Anonymous $10.00 All the best you amazing ladies! Aroha Miramar Walters
Hilary Gardner $20.00 Miramar tula
Angie Hamlin-Tuck $5.00 Great job guys! Aroha Walters Miramar ❤️
Chloe Fearn $10.00 Aroha Walters
Anonymous $5.00
Chloe Fearn $10.00 Aroha Walters pretty please be mine
Out Wear + Louise Tanguay $17.50 For purchasing from Out Wear online, I got 20% of my sale back towards my team fundraising. Thanks Out Wear!
LISa murray $5.00 Good lucky guys
Jess church $20.00 Aroha Walters :)
Maria Samson $25.00 Aroha Walters - good luck team!
Monique van Veen $50.00 Amazing wahine stepping up (literally) for an amazing cause. You can do it!
Clare O'Connor $20.00
Aroha Walters $5.00 Aroha Walters
Karla Johansson $10.00 Aroha Walters - All the best Guys
Fiona Norman $10.00 May your legs keep going even when you feel you can’t take another step❤️ Aroha Walters
Michelle Larkins $10.00 Aroha Walters
Lyndal Brookman $10.00 Aroha Walters miramar
Terin Conway $10.00 Aroha walters Well done ladies!!
Anonymous $10.00 Aroha Walters
Ana Almada $5.00 Aroha Walters
Alana Laisene $10.00 AROHA WALTERS
Teresa Hill $10.00 You guys are seriously amazing!
Nicola Kellerman $5.00 Good job!
Anonymous $5.00
Holly Dove $10.00 Aroha Walters New Tula Wrap Conversion Raffle- Aroha Miramar
Keryn $30.00 You are all so awesome for taking the time and energy to do this. All the best!
Karlie Wii $5.00 Aroha Walters
Josie Renwick $20.00 Aroha Walters
Rachel Mackay $5.00 Aroma Walters - wonderful work ladies!
Hayley Bray $5.00 Aroha Walters - all the best
Vanessa Bruell $10.00 Aroha Walters
Anonymous $10.00 Walters Miramar
Paula van den Hondel $5.00 Aroha Walters Good luck guys
Anonymous $5.00 Aroha Walters
Sara Freitag $10.00 Go Louise!!!
Steph Margan $20.00 Best of luck!
Rachael Kavermann $10.00 Aroha Walters
Ray $10.00 Aroha Walters Good luck!
Saritta Burney $10.00 Aroma Miramar
Julie chase $5.00 Aroha Waters miramah
Jess harrison $10.00 Aroha Walters
Janelle Rin $10.00 Aroha Walters Mirimar Raffle - You go LADIES!! xoxox
Kate $5.00 Tula Free to Grow Raffle - Gordon Walters print
Maria samson $25.00 Aroha Walters
Wendy Koh $70.00 Go girls! Aroha Walters
May L $5.00 Aroha Walters
Maria samson $5.00 Aroha Nui
Hilary Gardner $5.00
Kim Ubels $5.00
Paula van den Hondel $10.00 Aroha Nui
Amy O'Keeffe $10.00 Good luck! Aroha Nui
Matt $10.00 What a great cause, best of luck! Aroha Nui
Kylie Edwards $5.00 Fundraising ticket. Good luck!
Natalie Plank $20.00 Good luck with the walk! And what an amazing carrier!
Julie chase $5.00 Have an awesome time and fingers crossed I win the tula!
Sarah Simpson $5.00 Arohanui
Bindi Bannister $15.00 Aroha Nui raffle - also top job guys.
Rachel Mackay $25.00 Amazing work ladies! Great cause!
Alexandra Clark $5.00 Arohanui
Anonymous $20.00
Carla van Hagen $25.00 Aroha Nui what a beautiful Tula! Good luck team
Jess Harrison $10.00 Good luck. Would be a dream to win that gorgeous carrier
Emma M $5.00 Aroha Nui. Great work as always ladies!
Chloe Fearn $10.00 Aroha Nui
Kylie Pryor $10.00 Great work as always ladies!
Brandy Madigan $5.00 Aroha Nui Free to Grow
Maree Kirikiri $10.00 Kia kaha, you got this! Aroha nui
Anonymous $10.00 Aroha Nui
Jenna Morsink $10.00 Aroha Nui. Good luck :-)
Mariska Heijmer $50.00 Aroha Nui raffle. Good luck, awesome effort!
Jessica Watson $5.00 Good Luck!
Aroha nui $10.00
Stacey $100.00 Aroha Nui
Amy Hills $10.00 Such a good idea!
Inez McCaughan $15.00 Aroha nui
Jess Webster $10.00 Aroha Nui
Vanessa Brock $5.00 Aroha Nui
Liv Porter $20.00 Go team! Fingers crossed for the Aroha Nui carrier ❤️
Debbie Purcell $5.00 Great work guys! Aroha Nui
Aimee Briggs $10.00 Aroha Nui. Go hard team!
Marina Whiley $5.00 Aroha Nui
Holly $5.00 Aroha Nui
Laura Chee $5.00 Great work team, it is such an inspiration seeing you guys doing this year after year for such a good cause
Sarah $10.00 Aroha nui Go hard ladies!


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  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2018: March 10 - 11
  • Final fundraising deadline: 16 Apr
  • Whakatāne Awards 4 May
  • Auckland Awards 11 May
  • Wellington Awards 18 May

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