Fit Chix

Raised: $12,223.94 (116% of our target)
Target: $10,500.00
Distance: 50 km
Target time: 
50 km Steady = 10-14 hours
Organisation representing: 
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Team bio

Team members

Last name Member status Team
Maja Mihelic Team leader
Renay Jones Member
Jo Finlay Member
Jenny Hicks Member


First name Last name Member title
Dallas Maclean
Diane Plant

We are team of 4 busy mums from sunny Whakatane. 

We were all looking for a challenge to celebrate our coming of age and a good excuse for frequent socialising. 

Our support team features  double "D" support crew.

We hope that by doing this event and fundraising for such a great cause we will make at least a little difference for somebody who currently lives in poverty.


Jewels By Jodie
Latest team update

A huge thank you to our dear friends from Dunedin , Mandich family for their ongoing generosity. 

This morning they donated $142 to our Fit Chix Trailwalker Page. 

We are feeling truly blessed. 

Thank you heaps!!!

Best wishes to you and your lovely family for 2018...

Minimum fundraising deadline: 16 April 2018
Final fundraising deadline: 16 April 2018

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Team fundraising

Latest donations

Date Donor name Donation
11 Apr 2018 Bivouac Outdoor $13.00
8 Apr 2018 Marija Mandich $142.00
16 Mar 2018 Wine fundraiser profit $1,257.19
14 Mar 2018 Coren & Rob $50.00
9 Mar 2018 Elliffe Family $100.00

Highest donations

Donor name Donation
Cinema Fundraiser BAD MOMS 2, 13th Nov. 2017 $1,457.00
Wine fundraiser profit $1,257.19
Trident High School, Mufti Day Donations $819.00
Profit from Bbq and bake sale Bunnings Whakatane $671.00
Raffle tix sold in front of local Post Shop in 3 days, Dec. 2017 $550.00
Donor name Donation Message
Bivouac Outdoor $13.00 Thanks to Bivouac Outdoor for donating a percentage of Oxfam Trailwalker participant purchases back to their team. Well done team!
Marija Mandich $142.00 Well done mums what a great effort.
Wine fundraiser profit $1,257.19 Thank you to all the lovely people and businesses who supported our wine fundraiser and thank you to Sileni Estates & Redmetal Wineyards who made this fundraiser possible for us.
Coren & Rob $50.00 Awesome works guys! You totally smashed it xx
Elliffe Family $100.00 Nearly there!
Chris Hirling $30.00
Helen Wilson $70.00 Fantastic venture
Raffle tix $91.00 Leftover money from combined raffle sources
Raffle tickets x 10 $50.00 Thanks to all those who have purchased raffle tickets from us :-)
Profit from Bbq and bake sale Bunnings Whakatane $671.00 Thank you to Bunnings Whakatane for letting us host event at their venue and for yet again donating 100 complimentary sausages to us. Best wishes for 2018 from Fit Chix
Raffle tix from Bunnings BBQ in Jan 18 $95.00 Thank you to Bunnings Whakatane for allowing us to host an event at their venue. Best wishes from Fit Chix
Raffle tix $250.00 Renay ‘s friends & co-workers
Anonymous $1.00
Anonymous $180.00 Raffle ticket money from Diane
East Bay Specialist Centre and Day Surgery Unit $500.00 Better late than never!
Julians Berry Farm Collection Box $60.00
Raffle tix sold in front of local Post Shop in 3 days, Dec. 2017 $550.00 Thank u to local Post Shop for allowing us to set the stand there. Much appreciated. Fit Chix
Dokees NZ Limited $30.00 Go Fit Chix!!
CocoCoast $6.75 Thank you for your online purchase with CocoCoast. All the best for Oxfam Trailwalker 2018!
Ian & Shelley $30.00 LMP
Wayne & Roma $30.00 LMP
A & T Marsden O'Hagan Home Loans & Insurance $70.00 Give it heaps
Anonymous $70.00
Maja’s 41st bday proceeds $320.00 Thank you for donating instead of buying me prezzies ladies. Love u. Xxx 1. Lou Nelson 2. Diane Plant 3. Daniela Tendinha 4. Fleur Baxter 5. Christina Sorensen 6. Fiona Shepherd 7. Brydie Such 8. Tamzin Blair 9. Julie Callagher 10. Nadene Scott 11. Rachael Hopkins Collombet 12. Kerryn Smith 13. Ingrid Pak 14. Zelda de Witt 15. Tania Beasley
42 Raffle tickets sold $210.00 Thank you to all those who have supported our tema through the purchase of these tickets - Fit Chix xx
MANDALA ROCKS FUNDRAISER $539.00 Thank you Marie Dixon, Kathryn Simpson, Trident High School & all the ladies who purchased tix for this workshop. Your support is much appreciated. X
42 RAFFLE TIX sold on Appenzell Drive and surrounding streets $210.00 Thank you to all the people on the hill who purchased raffle tix from Fit Chix. Also to all the people at Whakatane board mill who purchased tix.
RAFFLE TIX sold at Cinema Fundraiser, 13th Nov. 2017 $75.00 Thank you to all of you lovely people who purchased our RAFFLE TIX at Cinema Fundraiser.
Cinema Fundraiser BAD MOMS 2, 13th Nov. 2017 $1,457.00 THANK YOU to everyone for attending and to all our SPONSORS for this evening. Your support is much appreciated! Xx
DONATIONS received in 3 days in front of local POST OFFICE $70.00 Thank you to all the lovely people who donated to our cause and to the local POST OFFICE for allowing us to fundraise there!
RAFFLE Tix 53x sold in front of local POST OFFICE , 9th November $265.00 Thank you to all the lovely people who supported us and to the last cal POST OFFICE for making this possible for us!
RAFFLE Tix 55x sold on 8th November in front of local POST OFFICE $275.00 Thank you to local Post Office for supporting Fit Chix
58 RAFFLE TIX in front of POST SHOP 4th November 17 $294.00 Thank you for all the lovely people who purchased our raffle tix today
Burke Family $20.00 You got this Ladies!
Jo Finlay (42xraffle tix) $210.00
Rachael and Antoine, Body Aid Clinic $70.00 Go girls! You will blitz this event we are sure! Awesome effort for an awesome cause! Good luck!!
RAFFLE tix (38X) sold at Trident and Bunnings events last week $190.00
Bunnings Whakatane, Sausage sizzle & home baking event $380.00
TRIDENT sausage sizzle event $230.00
Barker Family $50.00 Good luck ladies, go hard!
Trident High School, Mufti Day Donations $819.00
Mitre 10 Whakatane, 15 RAFFLE tickets sold on behalf of Fit Chix $75.00
Mitre 10 Whakatane, DIY event, 72 ticket sales $360.00
Mitre 10 CATERING event $500.00
RAFFLE TICKETS 42x sold by Eva & Vita $210.00 Thank you Eva & Vita for selling those tix for your mum's team. Much appreciated. XXX
Sausage sizzle at St Joseph's Catholic School Whakatane $438.00
Board meeting supper catering at St Joseph's Catholic School Whakatane, $200.00
Eastbay Dental $100.00 All the best Fit Chix!
Kristy Pilcher $50.00 Break a leg!?!?!
Simone Ashton $50.00 2 tickets for your movie night please Maja. Go Guuuurls!!!
Anonymous $20.00 Best of Luck Maja.
Kat & Don Williamson $20.00
Steve Pilcher $50.00 Good luck to you all. Best wishes for success with your fundraiser.
Marija Mandich $70.00 Good luck mums.
Jodie and John $20.00 Go hard!!
Dan and sarah $30.00

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Key dates

  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2018: March 10 - 11
  • Final fundraising deadline: 16 Apr
  • Whakatāne Awards 4 May
  • Auckland Awards 11 May
  • Wellington Awards 18 May

* dates subject to change