Raised: $2,252.90 (90% of our target)
Target: $2,500.00
Distance: 0 km
Target time: 
100 km Fast = 18-24 hours
Fundraising category: 
Organisation representing: 

Team bio

Team members

Last name Member status
Jerren Naidoo Team leader
Roel Michels Member
Sergey Kevrukh Member
Warren Marshall Member
Latest team update

No team updates posted yet

Final fundraising deadline: 18 June 2014

Team fundraising

Latest donations

Date Donor name Donation
25 Jun 2014 Anonymous $1.00
5 Jun 2014 Anonymous $20.00
30 May 2014 Davidson Family $304.50
17 Apr 2014 Colmar Brunton $116.00
7 Apr 2014 Diane $35.00

Highest donations

Donor name Donation
Davidson Family $304.50
Anonymous $270.00
Anonymous $261.40
Anonymous $180.00
Janine Saunders $150.00
Donor name Donation Message
Anonymous $1.00
Anonymous $20.00
Davidson Family $304.50 Oxfam Shop credit
Great team name!
Colmar Brunton $116.00 Congratulations team
Diane $35.00 GOOD WORK GUYS!
Joe & Jo $100.00
Carol Parker $100.00
Anonymous $20.00
The Peard Whanau $40.00
Piet Heyn en Liesbeth $40.00 We know you can complete it.
Susan Jackson $20.00
Bainbridge family $25.00
Tony & Ange $20.00 Don't forget the vaseline! Good luck!
Anonymous $10.00 Go boys go!
JRSM&J $100.00 Go team! We still think you should only have shaved half your head though J!
Anonymous $80.00 Good luck boys.
Beth $20.00 Jerren - looking good 'naked'!
Anonymous $50.00
Charlotte $10.00 Go team! Sorry about my late car wash payment
Anonymous $180.00 Greta poker night boys. Cheers
Anonymous $261.40 Keep your head warm Jerren
Stephen & Steph $25.00 Warren! Warren! Warren! Good luck mate!
Lynne $20.00
Christy $10.00 Thank you guys. Good luck!!!
Anonymous $20.00 Thank you Jerren and Roel!
Anonymous $270.00 Thanks for washing our cars. Good luck with Trailwalker!
Anonymous $20.00
Pete Swanson $70.00 Nice one Roel and team - go hard, and don't forget the chaff cream!
Adrienne $10.00 Goodluck Jerr!!
Janine Saunders $150.00 Great job at cleaning the car - thank you very much.
Anonymous $15.00
Anonymous $20.00
Anonymous $20.00 Go guys you are amazing. Especially the tall one.

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