United Nations of Trailwalker

Raised: $2,855.90 (114% of our target)
Target: $2,500.00
Distance: 0 km
Target time: 
100 km Steadfast = 30-36 hours

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Team members

Last name Member status
Jo McCarthy Member
stefanie vandevijvere Member
Victoria Manson Member


First name Last name Member title
Amelia Sirimanne
Caroline Ea
valais loic

Victoria :  I'm a kiwi, this will be my 1st TW. I love new challenges, meeting new people, the outdoors and talking a lot, so i'll be the one still talking and keeping everyone awake and motivated.

Séverine : "Walk-acoholic". Like walking, even more doing it for good actions as Oxfam's. 1st OTW in May 2012 in France. New challenge doing it abroad in 2013 !!

Stefanie : OTW in Belgium was great...I'm moving to Auckland to do a postdoc on the topic of obesity prevention...Love travelling and volunteering for several organisations....Very excited about this year's OTW in NZ... The enthusiasm within our international team is invincible!!”

Jo : back for my 3rd Oxfam Trailwalker! live in Auckland (Australia and Japan previously)- so excited about joining an intl team this year and coordinating training and logistics between 3 countries! Thanks for any support you can give the team in our fundraising efforts :-)  "

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Final fundraising deadline: 19 June 2013

Team fundraising

Latest donations

Date Donor name Donation
14 Jun 2013 A mixture of Doner's fomr doing the Poo Map $136.00
15 May 2013 Jo McCarthy $47.00
8 Apr 2013 Anonymous $38.00
28 Mar 2013 Nicole Quinton $60.20
25 Feb 2013 Bivouac Outdoor Newmarket $13.90

Highest donations

Donor name Donation
Credit $2,293.60
Credit $157.20
A mixture of Doner's fomr doing the Poo Map $136.00
Anonymous $100.00
Nicole Quinton $60.20
Donor name Donation Message
A mixture of Doner's fomr doing the Poo Map $136.00
Jo McCarthy $47.00 Leftover donations
Anonymous $38.00
Nicole Quinton $60.20 Good luck to the United Nations of Trailwalker team!! Watch out for the turnips! All the best guys!
Bivouac Outdoor Newmarket $13.90 Donation from your gear night purchases. Good luck from the team at Bivouac Newmarket!
Credit $157.20 Donations received by Oxfam France
Jo McCarthy $10.00 Christmas card sale
Anonymous $100.00 good luck and find the ring
Credit $2,293.60 Donations received by Oxfam France

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