Press Sole Survivors

Raised: $4,465.00 (112% of our target)
Target: $4,000.00
Distance: 0 km
Target time: 
100 km Steady = 24-30 hours

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Team members

Last name Member status
Rachel Young Team leader
Anna Turner Member
John Kirk-Anderson Member
Marc Greenhill Member


First name Last name Member title
Deidre Mussen
Eamon King

We're a team of four journalists who work for The Press. Three of us are based in Christchurch and one is the intrepid West Coast reporter.

We've been called crazy, insane, idiotic, mental, deluded and masochistic, but we're hoping to prove them all wrong.

Our team is made up of  Marc 'I know every single song from Cats' Greenhill, Anna 'I used to walk home from school' Turner, Rachel 'I bullied everyone else into doing this' Young and Deidre 'I'm here to make up numbers' Mussen.

There is a high chance we will kill each other by the end of this, but we're hoping to raise some much needed moolah for Oxfam in the process.

The Press is going to match us dollar for dollar up to $2000 that we raise so thanks boss : )







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No team updates posted yet

Final fundraising deadline: 19 June 2013

Team fundraising

Latest donations

Date Donor name Donation
19 Jun 2013 The Press $2,000.00
9 Apr 2013 Kate $30.00
9 Apr 2013 Georgie $30.00
8 Apr 2013 Nicole Oswell $40.00
6 Apr 2013 Mark & Beverley $100.00

Highest donations

Donor name Donation
The Press $2,000.00
Mark & Beverley $100.00
Jonathan $100.00
Sonia and Q $100.00
Kamala $100.00
Donor name Donation Message
The Press $2,000.00
Kate $30.00 Awesome effort team x
Georgie $30.00 Sorry it's late guys. Great job all of you! Seriously massive effort.
Nicole Oswell $40.00 Amazing job team, Rach you are an inspiration! Sorry my donation is late (better late than never right?!)
Mark & Beverley $100.00
Stacy and Georgie $20.00 Go for it you awesome kids!
Jess Wilson $20.00 Awesome cause, AWESOME effort. Good luck Anna
Sarah&Rob $70.00 Good luck!!
Amber Parker $20.00
Kirk $20.00
Ben W $25.00 Good luck and remember- vaseline is your friend.
Jonathan $100.00 Good luck guys with the walk, I'll be impressed if your back in the office on Monday walking around.
Amber & Jai $25.00 All the best with the big walk guys, congrats on making it this far, superstars :)
Kat & Rob $20.00
Sarah philp $20.00 Go hard,Anna!! All the best xx
Sonia and Q $100.00 Good luck!
Tina Law $25.00 Good luck guys!
Felicity Hopkins $50.00 Good luck - looking forward to seeing you all at the finish line
Collective donation - Press peeps $50.00
Ros and Miles $26.00
Liv + Steve $20.00 Go hard team!
Liv Carville $20.00 Good luck out there team!
Kamala $100.00 Gotta support something this crazy. Good luck guys.
Amy Glass $38.00 I finally remembered to do this, yay. Good luck you little maniacs xxx
Jo Gilbert $38.00 Love your work, team! Can't wait to be there to be part of the bestest support crew there ever was/document you all in your weakest moments :)
Ashleigh $10.00 Go hard team (sorry, I'm poor)
Claire w $10.00 Good luck team! What an awesome achievement!
Chelsea Jenkins $20.00 Amazing work! All the best!
Laura Lee $20.00
Specsavers Timaru $100.00 Great work guys - a little crazy none the less.
Pete Young $50.00 Awesome effort guys. I expect photos from the trail, stories and a rocky style montage after completion! Watch out for pinecones.
Nicole Mathewson $50.00 Good luck, you crazy creatures!
Carol Herrett $40.00 Good luck girls and guys. I know you can do it. Have fun.
Joanna $100.00 If you can survive 17 hours with JKA, you can survive anything. Nice work, team.
Katarina $50.00 Since you asked so nicely, here's another donation from the Bank of Kat...
Anna McNab $50.00 Loving the pics, keep it up!
Sam Sachdeva $50.00 May God have mercy on your soles... (This message approved by Marc Greenhill Pun Factory Inc)
Mr T $20.00
Samantha Day $50.00 Good luck guys. Rach after all this exercise, you will need to run around in the shower to get wet!! xx
G Longley $50.00
Katarina Filipe $50.00
Maria & Graeme Young $100.00 A great challenge for a worthy cause - what a fantastic team. Wishing you all the best for the day & night of the 100km walk.
Bones $50.00 Good luck! I expect to hear hilarious 'Rachel' stories from this adventure!
Jim and Liz Tully $100.00 We know what you will be going through. Liz did it, Jim was support crew.Don't underestimate the challenge. Go well.
Judge Turner $100.00 Good work Anna, Dad.
Liz & Keryn $70.00 Good luck!!!
Lois Cairns $20.00 You're all mad but if anyone can pull this off, you guys can!
Sue and E $100.00 Go you good things!
Glenn Conway $38.00 Not sure why I'm doping this when I've already kind enough to approve annual leave for these four staff but, jokes aside, good luck!
Lindsay Muir $10.00 Great cause, good luck. I have some friends who did it last year, if you value your toe nails, strap em!!
Sarah Barrow $50.00 Good on you guys! A very worthy cause
Rhondda Turner $100.00

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