Challenge yourself. Challenge poverty.

Completing 100km or 50km is one half of Oxfam Trailwalker, the other half is fundraising. Completing both gets you a big tick in our books and of course, you can shout to the sky and let everyone know that you are a part of the movement that is changing the world one step at a time. 

We ask Oxfam Trailwalker teams to raise a minimum of $2500. We know this may seem daunting at first but your team is in this together and we are here to help you every step of the way. Most teams raise well above the minimum fundraising requirement and have a lot of fun in the process!

Since Oxfam Trailwalker New Zealand started way back in 2006 people just like you from all walks of life have challenged themselves and challenged poverty to raise over an incredible $10 million towards Oxfam's vital work in reducing poverty and demanding justice for the world's poorest communities.

We’ve packed full the fundraising section of our website with all the information you need to become a successful fundraiser.  Check out each of these sections to get you started on your fundraising journey!

The difference you make

One person in three in the world lives in poverty. Oxfam is determined to change that world by mobilising the power of people against poverty.  Check out the real difference your fundraisings will make.

How to guide

The key to successful fundraising is planning. We’ve sent you a checklist in your welcome pack to get you started.  Don’t forget the most important asset you have is your team page.  Make sure you read our team page 101 to make yours spiffy! Check out the how to guide.


Oxfam Trailwalker resources are designed to support your team’s fundraising. You will receive a whole bunch of resources in your preparation pack.  Download plenty more and see how you can make use of Oxfam Trailwalker online resources to boost your fundraising!

Fundraising rewards

Every year we do our best to bring you great deals, discounts, prizes and rewards to help you to prepare for Oxfam Trailwalker, inspire you to fundraise, and in some small way say thank you again for what you're doing. Take a look at the rewards on offer this year!

Fundraising partners

Our fantastic sponsors help make the fundraising mission of Oxfam Trailwalker possible - give them some love!

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Key dates

  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2019: 23-24 March
  • Whakatāne Awards tbc
  • Auckland Awards tbc
  • Wellington Awards tbc 

*dates subject to change