Awards Night

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Think Oxfam Trailwalker 2018 was over?  Behold…  Awards Night! The night where it is all about celebrating your success because, well, you deserve it! 

OTW Awards Nights will be held in…

  • Whakatāne – 4th May 
  • Auckland – 11th May 
  • Wellington – 18th May 

Did you love a particular team name? Or saw a support crew with an awesome theme? If there is anyone you think deserves an award, nominate them! Send all nominations with supporting information and photo evidence to by Monday 30th April at 5pm.

For more information on awards, prizes and nominations, click here

Your questions answered

Key dates

  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2018: March 10 - 11
  • Final fundraising deadline: 16 Apr
  • Whakatāne Awards 4 May
  • Auckland Awards 11 May
  • Wellington Awards 18 May

* dates subject to change