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Sustainability tips

Sustainability tips

At Oxfam, it’s not just our logo that’s green

Sustainability is a focus of Oxfam Trailwalker. (Find out more about our sustainability goals). The thing is, reducing our carbon footprint depends on you.  In 2013 the per team carbon emissions were 829kgCO2e and team transport accounted for a massive 98% of that.  In 2014, we need your help to bring that number down.  Read on to find simple tips for you and your team:

The absolute best way to reduce your team’s carbon emissions is with less cars! So plan your event carefully to get your team, support crew and gear to and from the event and leave that extra car behind.  Support crews will be limited to two vehicle passes per team (no entry to a checkpoint without your vehicle pass) to help us reduce our transport emissions.

Stay together in a Bach
It is best to stay in self-contained accommodation such as houses, apartments or baches as these produce less carbon emissions than hotels and motels. Visit www.bookabach.co.nz for baches in Taupo and www.organicexplorer.co.nz for a guide to eco-friendly places to stay.

Reduce unnecessary trips
Support crews can easily avoid unnecessary trips back into town between checkpoints by being prepared.  Things to remember:

  1. Food – lots. For your team and for you. Don’t underestimate how much you’ll need.
  2. Gear – socks etc. Make sure you pack what they and you will need. It will get cold at night.
  3. Medications – Anti-flams, plasters, strapping tape, pain killers (think blisters).
  4. Things to do – magazines, books, cards, games and costumes to keep you entertained.
  5. Juice for your phone, torch and the car!
  6. Plan – Check, check and check again. Shops are not open at 4am!

In order to reduce waste in 2014, we’re going cup-free!  If every participant and just one support crew member used one cup per checkpoint, we would waste 12,000 cups.  Let’s save that number instead!  We have teamed up with the great guys at Ideal Cups to produce Oxfam Trailwalker Re-usable coffee cups. These are available as a free fundraising reward and will be available to buy at the training weekends and at the event.

Waste not, want not
As Kiwi’s 65% of what we send to landfill each year could have been recycled.  Imagine 65% less rubbish going to landfill – smell the fresh air! Check out the great Auckland City rubbish guide to see what you can recycle or speak to our green team at the event.

Reduce and Reuse
Consider what you’re buying – do you need individually wrapped muesli bars or could you buy in bulk and make your own? How about taking your own shopping bags to the supermarket? Or, reusing your zip locks for the bulk bins? The unpackit website has some awesome info!

Ditch the disposable
Invest in a hydration pack or a stainless steel water bottle and refill from our mains tap stands at each checkpoint.  Don’t buy plastic water bottles. 

We are teaming up with local residents and businesses in the Taupo region to get involved and proactively “switch off” for the 36 hours of Oxfam Trailwalker to reduce carbon emissions. Switch everything off at the wall before you hit the 100km trail.  Know a business in Taupo? Ask them to join our switch off campaign!

Leave No Trace (LNT)
“Pack it in, pack it out”. We all love the great outdoors and we all want to keep it great.  Anything you take into the trail should be taken out.  Lead by example. Pick up any rubbish you see not just your own.  Equally, leave what you find (that’s natural anyway) – the next people also want to enjoy nature’s mysteries.

Sustainability Award
We have a sustainability award. Think you’ve got what it takes? Implement our tips and any of your own and you could be in the running to be the ‘Most Environmentally Sustainable Team and Support Crew’.

Thank you for all your efforts to help keep Oxfam Trailwalker environmentally sustainable. We can't do it without you.

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