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The difference you make

Oxfam baby emergency kit

Oxfam exists for a very simple reason because poverty and injustice are unacceptable. We believe everyone can play a part in creating a world free from poverty. Oxfam Trailwalker is your chance to make a difference.

Everyone has the right to the essentials of life – clean water, food, shelter, sanitation, healthcare, education and a livelihood to support themselves, their children and their community. Everyone also has the right to live free from violence. These are fundamental rights and we believe they can be achieved for us all.

Oxfam New Zealand works in Africa, Asia and the Pacific with poor communities and local organisations to help people address the root causes of poverty. But we recognise that to achieve lasting change we also need to challenge and change unjust policies and practices that reinforce poverty. That is why we work not only at the grassroots level but also with organisations, institutions and governments at the national and international level.

Oxfam is there

When disaster strikes, we keep survivors alive by supplying life-saving essentials, and we stay on to help communities rebuild.

Oxfam baby emergency kit

A safer, fairer, more sustainable world is possible. From clean water to fair trade, from East Timor to Haiti, we believe in the power of people to change the world. By being part of our work through Oxfam Trailwalker, together we can address the root causes of inequality and help people lift themselves out of poverty to live a life of hope and opportunity.

Oxfam's belief in fundamental human rights underpins our work around the globe and our campaigning and advocacy work. We are fighting for a world where every person has:

  • The right to a sustainable livelihood
  • The right to basic services such as health, education and safe water
  • The right to life and security
  • The right to be heard
  • The right to an identity

Where does the money go?

Oxfam is accountable for achieving the highest standards in programmes that are effective in helping people help themselves and achieve their development rights. We keep overhead costs below 5 per cent and ensure that around 80 per cent of all funds raised are spent on programmes.

For more information about our record of achieving results in humanitarian relief, long term development and campaigns, and details of our finances, please read our Annual Review.

To learn more about Oxfam New Zealand's work please visit our website www.oxfam.org.nz.