What we give you

Oxfam Trailwalker participants receive a range of resources to help them prepare and fundraise. These resources are outlined below and some are available to download.

Preparation guide

  • The preparation guide is your number one preparation resource. It’s packed full of key event info, fundraising ideas, training insights, gear lists and heaps of advice and tips. It’s even got information for your support crew! Plus it’s got easy quick reference examples of what donations to your team can do. Use these examples to inspire your supporters to donate.
  • Oxfam Trailwalker prep guide

Fundraising resources

  • Online team page. Your number one fundraising resource is your online fundraising page. This page will be the hub of your fundraising activities as supporters can donate directly to your team online. You can personalise it with photos and blogs to keep your supporters up to date. Send the link to your friends and family so they can view your progress and sponsor you by donating online using our secure credit card facility. Your sponsors can also leave you messages of support when they donate. Login to your personal team page here.
  • Fundraising books. These books allow you to record offline donations and ensure your donors will get receipts for their cash donations.
  • Posters. Shout out that you are doing Oxfam Trailwalker by writing your team name on your posters and putting them up where they can’t be missed (we recommend above hand driers and in toilet cubicles). Posters are also a great way to promote your fundraising events. Download poster
  • Fundraising cards. These handy little cards show potential supporters exactly where they go to donate to your team. All you have to do is write your team name on them and give them out to anyone who says “I don’t have any cash on me, how can I donate?” Download fundraising cards
  • Oxfam Updates. The best way to tell your donors about the important work they are supporting is through these fliers. Interested people equals more support! Email us on the contact address below and we'll pop some in the post to you.
  • Balloons! These bright green Oxfam balloons will ensure your fundraising events are ‘official’ and eye catching. Email us on the contact address below and we'll pop some in the post to you.
  • Fundraising poo map. We’re not kidding, poo mapping is an important first step in helping communities improve sanitation and combat disease AND it’s a great fundraiser. This fundraising tool is essentially a treasure map and one was included in your preparation pack. It’s simple, easy and effective so get poo mapping! Download the Poo Map

There are plenty more of these fundraising materials available. So if you need them just email

Online you'll also find...

  • Team checklists. Must see lists of what to bring (and what not to bring) to help your team get geared up for Oxfam Trailwalker.
  • Training schedules. Beginner, intermediate and advanced training schedules to help you plan your training and ensure you are in top shape when you reach the start line.
  • Support crew checklists. To help your support crew look after you we’ve thought of everything (with a little help) that they might need.

Full course map for 2013!

Maps and profiles for each leg are provided below, along with checkpoint closing times. Please help our environmental footprint and do not print the maps - each team will be given map booklets at the event.

Details of the trail

Start Kinloch Domain to CP1 Whakaipo Bay (16.4km)

The trail starts from the picturesque town of Kinloch and immediately takes in the scenic W2K track (Whakaipo to Kinloch). The trail is well formed and easy to navigate and teams can expect stunning sunrise views over Lake Taupo.

CP1 Whakaipo Bay to CP2 Scoria Road (13.2km)

The trail leaves the Lake side and cuts through a series of private farms, including a trig point (yes that means a bit of a climb) before descending down through a Scoria Quarry toward the flat Pohipi Road section. Participants can expect farm paddocks, multiple stiles, a small pine forest and gravel roads in this leg.

CP2 Scoria Road to CP3 Oruanui Pony Club (10.2km)

After a short stint along the side of Wairakei Road, the trail heads off road again and involves many twists and turns through the large Wairakei Forest. Participants can expect views over Craters if the Moon geothermal area before climbing and descending a number of times over farm land before reaching Checkpoint Three.

CP3 Oruanui Pony Club to CP4 Tongariro Domain (14.0km)

A small retrace of your steps is required (to avoid a construction site) before the trail links up to a series of internal forest roads. Leg four incorporates a number of mountain bike trails, an underpass and a small roadside section.

CP4 Tongariro Domain to CP5 Taupo Gliding Club (13.4km)

From the Tongariro Domain participants have the opportunity to walk along the Lake front again before joining up with a section of the East Taupo Arterial. Two underpasses and a number of paddocks lead teams to the Taupo Gliding Club. A long flat section of the course with easy terrain underfoot.

CP5 Taupo Gliding Club to Aid Station, Aratiatia Dam (13.2km)

Leg six starts off with a flat and easy walk towards Waikato River. Teams then follow the river all the way up to Aratiatia Dam. The terrain is undulating, however not technical and walkers can expect some beautiful views across the Waikato River through a mixture of native trees and pine forests.

Aid Station Aratiatia Dam to CP6 Wairakei Resort (6.3km)

This short leg begins on a wide, flat vehicle dirt road; however don’t let this easy section fool you - the final km approaching Wairakei Resort is technical as the trail narrows to a single file, undulating, mountain bike track. This is a high geothermal activity area and participants must stay on the marked trails.

CP6 Wairakei Resort to CP7 Owen Delany Park (8.4km)

Expect more stunning views over the mighty Waikato as teams meander their way back down Waikato River trails towards the Lake. Time to cross over Huka Falls before continuing down the river towards the Owen Delany Park. This section has a few bumps in it so watch your step!

CP7 Owen Delany Park to Finish Tongariro Domain (4.9km)

The final leg. A gentle down-hill down from Owen Delany Park and a short section along the river on easy terrain before crossing Wairakei Road to the awaiting finish line.

Checkpoint site plans

Sometimes when there are hundreds of walkers and support crew vehicles around it can be hard to find everything you need at a checkpoint. Check out the site plans to orientate yourself and help your team and support crew be super organised at the event.

CP Checkpoint location
CP1 Whakaipo Bay
CP2 Tauhara Pony Club
CP3 Oruanui Pony Club
CP4 Tongariro North Domain
CP5 Taupo Gliding Club
CP6 Wairakei Resort grounds
CP7 Owen Delany Park