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Our sponsors

New Zealand sponsors

Oxfam Trailwalker is grateful for the support from their sponsors and encourages you to support them in return.

Sunshine Capital, Whakatāne New Zealand

Whakatane District Council

Whakatāne District Council is working closely with Oxfam to bring Oxfam Trailwalker to Whakatāne for the first time in 2016! We are excited to be moving to a centre of eco-tourism excellence and can’t wait to unveil the stunning trail, showcasing the region’s beautiful environment. Whakatāne’s great scenery and welcoming community will make Oxfam Trailwalker an unforgettable experience.

Find out more about where to stay and play in the sunshine capital of New Zealand at www.whakatane.com

Tonkin & Taylor

Tonkin & Taylor is an employee owned, New Zealand environmental and engineering consultancy that provides innovative, cost effective and sustainable solutions for a diverse range of clients.

Tonkin & Taylor is proud to continue its long support of Oxfam New Zealand through the sponsorship of Oxfam Trailwalker's award-winning Environmental Sustainability Programme.

Bivouac Outdoor

Bivouac OutdoorBivouac Outdoor are committed to adventure and providing expert advice and incredible discounts to Oxfam Trailwalker participants every year. Check out the Rewards page to see what great discounts your fundraising commitment entitles you to including including a storewide 15% discount  for all teams. On top of these discounts, 10% of the value of your purchases at Bivouac Outdoor stores nationwide will be credited back to your team fundraising page as a donation from Bivouac. 

Many thanks to Bivouac Outdoor stores and staff for spreading the word about Oxfam Trailwalker and for taking on the challenge themselves!

Shoe Clinic

Shoe ClinicShoe Clinic is passionate about finding the perfect shoes for your feet through their specialised fitting service. In support of the physical and fundraising challenge Oxfam Trailwalkers undertake, Shoe Clinic is kindly donating 10% of all Oxfam Trailwalker’s purchases back to Oxfam (please identify yourself as an Oxfam participant when you are in store). Plus Oxfam Trailwalker participants will find $10 of Shoe Clinic Money in their preparation pack and will get further benefits through the Shoe Clinic Advantage Club!

Shoe Clinic also hosts exclusive Oxfam Trailwalker podiatry nights where participants can get expert podiatry and footwear advice. Watch our event alerts for information on a podiatry night near you. 

Head down to your local Shoe Clinic to find your perfect shoes for Oxfam Trailwalker. For more information visit www.shoeclinic.co.nz

White Island Tours

White Island Tours is proud to support Oxfam Trailwalker’s move to Whakatāne. Offering the Bay of Plenty’s premier eco-tour and sharing a common goal of environmentally sustainable operation, White Island Tours and Oxfam Trailwalker are a great fit.

White Island Tours offer the unique experience of exploring NZ’s most active volcano. An adventure, that alongside Oxfam Trailwalker, will be remembered for a lifetime.

For more information on White Island Tours visit www.whiteisland.co.nz

For the closest accommodation to the start and finish stay at White Island Rendezvous. Quality 4 Star Plus, Enviro-Gold Certified and offering Whakatane’s newest motel rooms with our “Micro-village Cabins”. For more information and bookings visit www.whiteislandrendezvous.co.nz

R-Line Electrolyte Drink

R-Line Electrolyte Drink is a premium range of rehydration drink concentrates born from the best nutritional knowledge, innovative thinking and Kiwi enthusiasm. For Rehydrating before, Refuelling during, and Rebounding after activity, R-Line is the answer.

Here at Oxfam we liked this concept! After trialing the product ourselves and enjoying it so much, we brought it on board as the official electrolyte drink of the event. 

R-Line electrolyte drink will be available for participants at all of the checkpoints during Oxfam Trailwalker. R-Line have donated 600 litres of sports drink to the event to help you along the way. As with all products you intend to use at the event, we strongly recommend you trial them during your training. R-Line electrolyte drink is also donating $5 from every $20 bottle purchased online back to Oxfam - click here for more details. This deal is available to all participants as well as their family and friends. Each bottle of R-Line makes 10 litres of electrolyte drink.

Thanks R-Line Electrolyte drink for your generosity and support.

Trade Aid

Trade AidTrade Aid is pleased to support Oxfam Trailwalkers’ fundraising efforts through our fundraising chocolate made from hand grown cocoa – an easy fundraiser with a sweet 40% fundraising profit!

Trade Aid supports disadvantaged producers to improve their lives through trade, including buying and selling their products, telling their stories and speaking out for greater justice in world trade. We are a not-for-profit organisation, putting producers at the heart of everything we do.

Schupepe Tents

Oxfam is proud to continue its association with Schupepe who kindly donate the tents at the finish line.

Schupepe Tents is a tent/canopy hire company, who bring a new meaning to creating an outdoor entertaining space. These tents aren’t your average marquee, they are a stretch Freeform™ tent which means they can be stretched and rigged to virtually any shape you require and on any surface! Available for hire in a range of colours and sizes from 6m x 6m to 20m x 20m, or custom made to purchase, Schupepe can create an outdoor space for any type of outdoor entertaining.


Thanks Icom for sponsoring the radio communications for Oxfam Trailwalker. Icom is the exclusive NZ importer and distributor of top quality, Japanese-manufactured Icom radio communications products, renowned for their quality, innovation, reliability and design. Icom's support of Oxfam Trailwalker training weekends and the event is integral to the our health and safety procedures and running the event. We are also very grateful to Simon and Edward from Icom for their time and energy in researching, setting up and maintaining our radio communications network during the event. 

Hey That's Me Event Photographers

Hey That's Me is a collective of photographers specialising in covering big events and are the official Oxfam Trailwalker 2016 participant photographers.  Through their social media powered galleries, participants can share images of themselves for free, sharing their experience with others. All images are available to purchase in a number of formats. 


We at Out Wear Ltd are excited to be part of Oxfam Trailwalker.

All teams that fundraise over $2500 will receive a Customised Oxfam Trailwalker Buff® for each team member.

Original Buff® Headwear are the inventors of the multifunctional headwear since 1992. This seamless tubular headwear will protect you against all weather conditions as it is versatile and functional and made from a technical microfiber, manufactured in Spain. Don't be fooled by imitations!

See you out training and at training weekends and Oxfam Trailwalker!

AUT Podiatry School

Foot problems are the number one reason why participants retire from the Oxfam Trailwalker.

For 2016 we have enlisted the services from the staff and students at the AUT Podiatry School to join us at the event to help you complete your 100km journey. Best of all it is absolutely free for you and your team.

Podiatry support will be based at Checkpoint Two, Checkpoint Four, Checkpoint Five and the Aid Station.

Thanks to AUT Podiatry School for supporting the Oxfam Trailwalker.

You can visit the onsite clinic for more information on Podiatry and AUT.

AUT Podiatry is also providing free consults to all Oxfam Trailwalker participants at their North Shore campus.  Contact them for more information.

Free massage for ALL participants

New Zealand College of MassageNew Zealand College of Massage (NZCM) is delighted to be a part of Oxfam Trailwalker again in 2016!

We will have a team of massage therapy students massaging your tired and over worked legs at CP4 and the finish line – both at Tongariro Domain this year. They will be ready and waiting from when the very first participants enter CP4 on early Saturday afternoon until the last competitors complete the walk on Sunday evening when the checkpoint closes at 7pm.

Massage after such a long exertion (post-event) can be beneficial to the muscles as it helps to flush some of the metabolic waste that has built up over the 100km course. It may also help with recovery time and hopefully lessens those stiff legs the next day! 100km is a big ask for legs and feet, so knowing that a massage is awaiting them may help teams on that last leg to reach the finish line.

Oxfam does so many things throughout the world and it is money well spent. Thank you Oxfam for giving NZCM the opportunity to be a part of this great event again in 2014 and we look forward to supporting you and the participants.

L'affare Fairtrade Organic GUSTO

Add some GUSTO to your Oxfam Trailwalker experience! L'affare has provided all the coffee making equipment as well as enough of their fresh roasted GUSTO to make the 3 600 cups we estimate will be drunk on the weekend. Gusto is a blend of three origin coffees all sourced from Fairtrade cooperatives in Central America and Africa.


Bob Steiner Ceramics New Zealand

A new initiative began in 2009 in the quest to make Oxfam Trailwalker as eco-friendly as possible, we moved away from presenting walkers with traditional metal medals that are imported from overseas. We are pleased to announce Bob Steiner is back on board and at Oxfam Trailwalker walkers who cross the finish line will be presented with unique, hand crafted, ceramic medals created by Bob Steiner – produced locally in New Zealand and kinder to the environment!

Bob Steiner is a renowned New Zealand ceramic artist specialising in sculpturally designed forms, who has been creating exquisite pieces of fine ceramic art for over 30 years. His current work includes collectible wall art pieces suitable for interior or exterior locations. Coming from a sound background in the handcrafted pottery tradition of New Zealand each piece is created at his boutique studio in Auckland.


Sileni Estates Ltd

Thanks to Sileni Estates Ltd, who maintain high standards in environmentally sustainable viticultural and winemaking practices, for supporting Oxfam Trailwalker. They bring delectable, hand crafted wines to you and provide a fantastic, easy way to fundraise, getting you closer to your fundraising goals.


Ideal Cup

We are proud to say that since 2014, Oxfam Trailwalker has been disposable cup free. Thanks to the guys at Ideal Cup for producing our Oxfam branded, reusable cups that can be purchased online or at training weekend or the event. We think these reusable cups are pretty fantastic and a great way for people to begin everyday with their very own Oxfam Trailwalker, sustainable mug.

The award winning Ideal Cup is New Zealand's first reusable, barista-friendly coffee cup – designed and made right here in Aotearoa!